duminică, 26 decembrie 2010

Kobi Peretz - Kama Ahava ( Some Love ) Live

Yearnings from your heart
Are always touching me
It is from the heart, straight from the heart
Glances from your eyes
Are exciting for me
I love you untill it (hurts so much)

I love you when you laugh
And not when you are crying
I want you happy, not naïve

How, how much love there is in the soul
Versuri Kobi Peretz - How much love (kama ahava - engleza)
de pe http://www.versuri.ro
Even when you cry, you are so beautiful
How much love, there is in you, my soul
When you are happy, you are always beautiful

Thousands of stars will paint your portrait
It is exciting, it is like fire
And waves will never erase your name
It is perfect, and it exïsts.

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